When the Mama Otter Got Me

Posted on December 6, 2017 in News

This is a spot I did for United Technologies / Sikorsky Helicopters with Believe Media. I scouted various shallow bodies of water around Orlando, Florida in hip waders. I had to check out the depth of the water, because the gag was to prop the top of a house in about 3 feet of water, making it look like a house was flooded to the roof, with people being rescued by helicopter. I was always on the lookout for alligators, but it turns out I had a different, unexpected creature to contend with. While scouting a fish camp in Kissimmee I ran afoul of a mama river otter, who apparently had unseen babies under the dock I was standing on- I got bit twice on my calf and had to get a full course of rabies shots. Ask me, and I’ll show you the scar…

Paul Street – Sikorski United Technologies from Streetlight Films on Vimeo.